Analyzing the darkness does not give you more light.

Choose your own road if you want to reach your own destination.

Do not wait for your deliverance. You are your own liberation.

Everyone dies, but few truly live.

A giant tree can not grow without its roots.

Let your star shine brightly and carry your most audacious visions.

Life is not a race - Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Life is not something to win but an instant to be...

Make somebody happy today, mind your own business.

Personal power is the art of radiating joy in spite of adversity.

Spirituality is the art of mastering oneself.

The suffering of your soul indicates it's time to change your ways of thinking.

There are signs everywhere to help you find your path.

There is a place inside yourself where you know the truth exist.

There is no road to happiness: happiness is the road.

To be a painter is the only way I knew not to die - (Niska).

To love the other is to want them happy their own way.

Tomorrow will be what our children feel today.

When you no longer fear dying, you can start living.

You are the unique guardian of your soul.

You are the unique light in the infinite to illuminate my soul when the vast darkness rages.

You try to get even but God is odd.

The worse error is no errors at all.

Spiritualy is the art of mastering oneself.

Spiritual Masters, and Niska’s Journey of Light

Niska once considered abandoning painting forever. At a crossroads in his life, Niska questioned
his purpose to paint. Then he encountered a spiritual master, followed by others on his path.

Master Ching Hai responds to disasters in so many corners of the world. She studies and teaches the words of, Buddha, Lao Tzu and many others. In her eyes, she sees the great Masters preaching the same Truth. The Supreme Master Television Network, created by Master Ching Hai, is broadcasted on more then 14 global satellites in almost sixty languages. With a viewing audience of more then 90 million people, it brings positive news and profiles luminaries.

Through the support of devoted volunteers a two-part interview on Niska was produced and translated in the many available languages allowing Niska to share his message of light with the world. Niska was the most popular video on their charts for three consecutive weeks. Master Ching Hai has also included Niska’s interview on her own website entitled “Remembering God.”

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